Final Fantasy VI for Android Devices

17 SUKI!
  • Jenica Salim
  • Pam Rucya
  • Carlos Inoa
  • Velsi
  • Benjamin Khaliq
  • Nigel Aleksei
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  • Joezel Andrae Abaya
  • Pier-Luc LaRouche
  • Ganesh Nayak
  • Ken Loi
  • Adam Cimoszko

A PV of Final Fantasy VI for Android devices was released by Square Enix.
The classic Final Fantasy title is now on available for Android devices, and an iOS version is coming soon.

The 2D graphics have been refined and the controls are smoother thanks to a touch screen interface.

Official website:


  • Roc Caraballo

    complete the esper

  • Luis Cordova

    aaaaa opera scene!!!

  • Megs

    Dayum....I miss playing this game. Remembering the good old days. Crap...makes me wanna play this game all over again.