30-Second PV of TOM Special Creator redjuice’s Game “Hanasaku Manimani” is Here!

20 SUKI!
  • Lee Chaerin
  • Natalie Lazo
  • Ilyess-Wyvren Blitz-Wolfheart
  • Amanda Bradow
  • Velsi
  • Misa
  • Stella Wakefield
  • Jeremy Christie
  • Panda Notes
  • Janaina Caputti
  • Ness Aupetit
  • Cedrick Berry
  • Yuki Watanabe

Redjuice, a TOM Special Creator who was in charge of character designs for the famous anime “Guilty Crown” is working on the upcoming PS3/PSP game “Hanasaku Manimani.”

The game will be released on Nov. 21 in Japan.

A 2014 calendar of his latest work is also available only on the TOM Premium Shop!

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