Opening Anime of PS Vita/PSP Game “God Eater 2” Revealed!

20 SUKI!
  • Jacob Berog
  • Juan Antonio Hurtado Virgen
  • Martin
  • Rafi'e Ivory
  • Jason Gonzalez Villarroel
  • Marrku
  • Anas Endless
  • Samuel Aguirre Gonzalez
  • Rad Eugenio
  • Rosario Rolon
  • Diego Trujillo
  • Aria Minato
  • Zhillan Zhaliila

The opening animation of the PS Vita/PSP game “God Eater 2” has been revealed!

The previous installment in this action game series was released in 2010 in Japan. This new game takes place three years after the last one

The game will be released on Nov. 14 in Japan!

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