PS3 Game “Fairy Fencer F” Opening Video Revealed!

63 SUKI!
  • Johannes Marques Del Queiroz
  • Itsuka Shidou
  • Rene Ferrante
  • Jorge E. Aguirre Flores
  • Lucas Do Rosario
  • Lee Chaerin
  • Martin
  • Thays Cristina
  • Kazuma
  • Dariane Aimée Angot
  • Tuấn Hồ
  • Angelica Pinillos Villa
  • Vincent Calderon

A promotional video for the PS3 game “Fairy Fencer F” has been revealed.

The characters are designed by Tsunako, who is well-known for her “Date A Live” work.

The game will be released on Oct. 23 in Japan.

Story Outline:
A long time ago, there was a battle between a goddess and an evil god. They fought with special weapons and the battle was very competitive. However, they sealed their power and disappeared to a different world.

In the modern era, they left their special weapons, called “Furies.” Fencers, those who battle by using the weapons, scramble to get them because it’s said that Fencers can increase their power by having them.

Fang, who is a new fencer, accidentally saves a fencer Tiara who is attacked by another fencer.

After their fateful meeting, they start to become involved in a battle between the goddess and the evil god.

Fairy Fencer F:


  • Gunawan Shinn

    NISA !!! please Localize this game T^T

  • Laniakea

    Looks like Hyperdimension Neptunia. Compile Heart FTW!