New Promotional Video Revealed for Upcoming Anime Series “Beyond the Boundary”!

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A new promotional video has been revealed for the upcoming anime series “Beyond the Boundary” (Kyōkai no Kanata)!

The story is about battles between Ikaishi, who have special abilities, and Yomu, who harm humans.

Mirai, a first-year high school student possessing the ability to manipulate bood, meets Akihito, a second-year student who is half-human and half-yomu and is also immortal.

After they meet, they become involved in incidents surrounding the Nase family, who are very powerful landowners.

The anime will premiere on Oct. 2 on Tokyo MX.


  • Tom Cat

    it didnt have sub so i didnt know what they say ------------ then also the fight seem great so waiting to see it

  • animefy

    cool cant wait to watch it

  • Takeshi Yamamoto

    its on my checklist now

  • Rosa Gnzlez