TV Anime "Servant x Service" PV 7 (English Subbed)

14 SUKI!
  • AirCity
  • Alan Rosales
  • Ayliri M.
  • Aoshipro
  • เหลือ ไว้ แค่ความเสียใจ
  • Paul Martines
  • Roberto Roluso
  • Santiago Hurtado G
  • Juan Antonio Hurtado Virgen
  • Kenny Zeke Nguyen
  • Zylar Kusanagi
  • Kazuto De Leon
  • Ev Davis

TV anime "Servant x Service" is set at a ward office in a city in Hokkaido. Under strange circumstances, Lucy Yamagami is assigned to this office, where a little unique staff work. This is a "working" comedy at a servant service office where Lucy Yamagami and other staff vigorously and secretly play an active part!

* This has nothing to do with real civil servants.

Official Site: (Japanese)
Official Twitter: @sabasava (Japanese)

© Karino Takatsu / Square Enix; Servant x Service Production Committee

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