TV Anime "Danganronpa: The Animation" PV (English Subbed)

45 SUKI!
  • ibukiz_
  • korosensei
  • Niwre Evol Nisocsulac
  • Nhi Tran
  • Eurich Mariano
  • Naomi Plunkett
  • Riki Garcia
  • Louana Duchêne
  • Taufik Branjangan
  • Lorena Parra
  • Dayana Muñoz
  • Kevy Sama
  • Abdullah Huzafah

A private school named Kibougamine Academy promises your success if you just graduate. However, only a few people can be accepted; only outstanding people called "super high school class."

And now, a boy is about to step into the school. That is an ordinary protagonist, Makoto Naegi who has no special features. He is the only one who was chosen by lottery. He had "super high school class" luck. He is excited about his luck and the new environment. However, what awaited him was something that he never expected.

Right after setting foot in the school gate, a shock runs through his body. When Makoto wakes up, he notices that he and 14 other members are trapped in the school that is blocked from the outside. While they are confused about the situation, the principal Monokuma shows up and says, "Everyone will spend a life here. If you want to graduate from school, you will have to kill your comrades."

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