"Tokyo Magnitude 8.0" Trailer (English Subbed)

112 SUKI!
  • Chiara
  • Lou
  • John
  • Quisbert
  • Gabrielle
  • Jayne
  • Ahmed
  • Rendy
  • Fabe
  • Jose
  • Ian
  • Daniel
  • Ray

Possessing disaster prevention and crisis management points of view, this story is set in Tokyo after it is devastated by a huge earthquake, and it proceeds through eyes of the victims with a focus on one girl.

On the first day of summer break, a junior high school girl named Mirai Onozawa goes to Odaiba in Tokyo with her little brother to see a robot exhibition. Being irritated recently, she wrote, "I wish this world would just fall apart," on the internet. Then, a huge magnitude 8.0 earthquake hits...

Official Site: http://tokyo-m8.com/ (Japanese)

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