TV Anime “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist” PV #1

27 SUKI!
  • Faris Aizat Slk
  • Pablo Ovalle
  • 明香星野
  • Lorena Parra
  • Shooter Chan
  • Ken Loi
  • Paul Martines
  • Shah Aril
  • Eliany Milian Cajigas
  • Aiman Faraz
  • Pat Rpo
  • Miri Rosenthal
  • kaz

The TV Anime “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist” will begin broadcasting this summer!

Being a prestige noble, William is a genius. In public school, he gets attention because of his pedigree. However, one day his uncle goes bankrupt and his family loses all its assets. Being afraid of tarnishing the name of his family, he goes back home and tries to find something valuable with his butler. What he finds in the mansion is a basement room which his family’s predecessors frequently used. There, William finds a mysterious magic square and summons a demon by accident. The summoned demon, Dantarion, tells William that he is an Elector who can select the next substitute King of Hell. Therefore, Dantarion tries to talk William into selecting himself as the substitute, but... Who will William choose!? An exciting fantasy unfolds around this new duo!

Original Work: Madoka Takadono
Drawing: Yukihiro Utako
Director: Chiaki Kon
Series Composer: Michiko Yokote
Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Kikuko Sadakata

William Twining: Takuya Eguchi
Dantarion: Takuma Terashima
Sitori: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Camio: Tetsuya Kakihara
Kevin: Jun Fukuyama

TV Anime Official Site: (Japanese)
TV Anime Official Twitter: @anime_makaiouji (Japanese)

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  • Valorie Cummings

    Wait... is it just me or did it look like two guys were about to kiss? O_o if so... that was freaking HOT! xD