"Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" Trailer 1 (English Subbed)

35 SUKI!
  • Hendri Tan
  • kuuuu
  • Naoki Iwashima
  • Jamie Carlisle
  • Kenny Zeke Nguyen
  • Italo Pacheco Wiener
  • Ricardo Diaz Venzor
  • GonChan
  • Aiman Faraz
  • Erein-chan
  • Johnson Woods
  • kaz
  • Gem Kunnapt

This is the story of Led, a young man who came from the sky, and Amy, a young girl living on a mysterious planet.

Led, riding to battle in his large robot named Chamber, is forced to make an emergency landing and awakes on a strange planet where he doesn't know the language or its inhabitants and doesn't think he can survive.

Led, who only knows war, begins making friends with the inhabitants and slowly learns more about himself.

"We met by chance. Now, something is about to begin."


Official Site: http://gargantia.jp/ (Japanese)

Tokyo Otaku Channel:

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