HK: Hentai Kamen Trailer (English Subbed)

230 SUKI!
  • Aufa Naufal
  • Renn Řeháková
  • Adam Dudziak
  • Tarek Gourdeau
  • Ag Rile
  • Shani Sing
  • Yuki Watanabe
  • Hong Ming Koo
  • Ganesh Nayak
  • Kent Lee
  • Marina Wacquiez
  • Erick Zepeda
  • Bradley Williams

The popular comedy manga "Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen" (Ultimate!! Pervert Mask), which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in the 1990s, has been adapted into a live-action film. The plans for the film were originally proposed by the actor Oguri Shun. "Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen" is a gag manga all about a character who, by wearing panties on his head and taking off his clothes, transforms into Hentai Kamen to fight crime. The movie "HK: Hentai Kamen" will be released on April 13, 2013.

© 2013 Hentai Kamen Production Committee

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(Updated on May 6, 2013)
On May 7, “HK: Hentai Kamen” will become available on the Japanese website Kinezo Cinema for 1,200 yen. (Japanese)


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