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Creator Introduction

* Name: Chamooi

* Experience: Two and a half years.

* Genre: Original illustrations, Vocaloid

* Message to TOM: Thank you very much <3

* Creator's Mypage:


Q1: Which work was the most difficult for you?
This piece, titled "Wa-orld," was commissioned by a friend.
Because I had to complete the work within 12 hours, it took a lot of concentration. Due to this piece, I now understood how difficult it is to do a proper drawing within a strict time frame. It was really stressful, but I really like this work now.

Q2: Which work was the most time consuming?
This work, titled "clocklockworks." I wanted to do a work that challenged depth perception. It took a really long time to do the line drawing so I got sick of it in the middle and had to leave it alone for some time. I had wanted to do a vibrant color scheme for this work but changed my mind to a more antique style. Because of all these changes, it took even longer to finish.

Q3: Which work is your favorite?
My favorite is this piece, titled "Dressing Up." I have always wanted to draw something that emphasizes the objet d'art without cutting out the rest of the scene. I was able to achieve that in this piece.

Q4: Which work did you fuss over the most?
This work, titled "Aqua Carnival." Because it was for the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium, I wanted something that would look really fun. I wanted to depict a lively scene where a lot of characters, fish, and animals are having fun swimming together.

Q5: In which work did you fuss over the background the most?
This piece, titled "Today, I Will Wear This and Have a Great Day!"
It was used for the Japanese apparel brand "earth music&ecology." I wanted to depict a fantasy-like space with a lot of girly things. It was a lot of fun drawing all the necessities of a fairy-tale world - castles, unicorns, etc.

Q6: Which is your simplest work?
This piece, titled "I Am an Angel." The idea for the character came quickly so I focused a lot on her and had a really simple background.

Q7: Which work is your favorite fan art?
This piece, titled "Black Rock Burger." I was inspired by the fact that no one would probably ever want to eat a black colored burger. I had the idea for about two years before I was able to put it down on paper. After putting this up on deviantArt, I received an interesting comment from an overseas user that "black burgers actually do exist!"

Q8: Which work contains a character that you really enjoy drawing?
This piece, titled "Welcome to the Parade." I like creating original characters, so it was really fun coming up with them.
It is really exciting to build a whole world from nothing, so I will continue to do original illustrations.

Q9: For which work did you play a supporting role?
This piece, titled "Tell Tell Mail." This illustration was used as a T shirt design for the Japanese apparel brand "earth music&ecology." Because of that, I observed a lot of real animals and plants to portray them as accurately as possible.

Q10: Tell us about your favorite original work.
This piece, titled "Planeta-room." I drew it because I like rooms and horoscopes. I was on a ski trip last year, and this was done when I was tired, warm and fuzzy in a futon. Even though I did it without giving it much thought, I have come to like it quite a bit.

Q11: Tell us about your latest work.
This is my latest piece, titled "The White Rabbit of Inaba." It was used as the cover image of "TORImag," a magazine about the Tottori Prefecture. It is inspired by the character of the same name from Japanese folklore. It expresses Japanese aesthetics through both the waves and the red and white traditional Japanese streamers.

Q12: Is there any work you did to commemorate something?
I drew this piece, titled "Heian Tomboy," two years ago as a New Year's card. 2010 was a year of ups and downs, so I decided to express that sentiment through this illustration. It was a very intricate work.

Q13: Which work exemplifies your style?
This piece, titled "HM 5th anniversary." I really like carnivals, parades, and magicians, so I wanted to draw Vocaloid characters having fun to their hearts' content on stage. The fun atmosphere and the use of symmetry represent me well.


* When/Why did you start drawing?
I have always liked drawing since I was young. I used to draw simple things on my computer with Paint. In high school, I started using computers to do actual illustrations after learning about it on the internet.

* How do you create your art?
I do a sketch on paper, scan it into the computer, and complete the inking and coloring digitally.

* What's your favorite color combination?
I center my works around light blue, yellow and red.

* Which do you like to draw most - girls, boys, or animals?
I like drawing animals and small objects, in particular cosmetics. I like children so I also would like to draw more little kids playing with their toys or friends.

* What tools do you use?
I use PhotoshopCS5.

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