Amazing Super Mario Beads 2 Fan Animation

12 SUKI!
  • Pedro Luján Rodriguez
  • Evelina Ralfsson
  • Carlos Esteban Lopez Gavira
  • Ê Bờ Ê Bê
  • Rebeca Chan
  • Claudio Iori
  • Jesus Espinoza
  • Nanny
  • Yessy Melchor
  • Cynthia Stewart
  • Axel Byron Vásquez
  • Annadel Cinco

Isn’t this amazing!?This is a frighteningly high quality fan-made animated movie called Super Mario Beads 2.
The 2D Mario actually runs around the real world and has a battle with Bowser at the end.
The characters and gimmicks we all know from Super Mario were made completely from beads!

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