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Tu-Tu-Ruuu ♪
The PC game STEINS;GATE English Ver.* (regular edition) was finally released on April 30. In celebration of this day that brings us closer to the Steins;Gate worldline, Tokyo Otaku Mode is holding an event for fans, by fans!

[STEINS;GATE Future Visual Contest]
This is a visual contest open to any original work related to STEINS;GATE. Illustrations, cosplay, figure photography, original products, tattoos - as long as it’s a work of your own, you can submit it! It doesn’t even need to be a new work; you can also submit any past works as well. The only thing the work needs to have is a love of STEINS;GATE! In addition to monetary prizes, the winning works will be made into T-shirts with the chance to become an official product! What’s more, the overall winning work will be used as the cover photo on TOM’s Facebook page!

Because this is an official STEINS;GATE contest, there are three more great perks to keep in mind:
・The winning works will be chosen in part by the company that created STEINS;GATE!
・Official title logo and illustration materials can be used!
・The winning works will be used as a design on official goods that will be sold all over the world!

How much do you like STEINS;GATE? Let TOM’s over 14 million fans know by entering!

[How to Enter]
To participate in this contest, registering on [Tokyo Otaku Mode]( http://otakumode.com ) is required. Registration can be easily completed with your Facebook or Twitter account or with an email address. After setting up your account, hover over your avatar picture in the upper right and click “Add Creation.” By doing so, you can upload a photo or video to the gallery. Before completing your submission, just click the box that says “STEINS;GATE Future Visual Contest” and you’ll be entered.

[Acceptable Submissions]
Any original work themed after *STEINS;GATE* is accepted. This can be an illustration, video, cosplay photography, figure photography, handmade product, tattoo, or anything else you can think of. You can also enter as many times as you would like. We can’t wait to see your take on the world of *STEINS;GATE*!

[Contest Page]
You can check all the submitted works on the [Tokyo Otaku Mode gallery page]( http://otakumode.com/tag/STEINSGATE_CONTEST ). Also, all submissions will be introduced once a week to TOM’s worldwide fanbase on the [TOM Facebook page]( https://www.facebook.com/tokyootakumode/ ).

[Selecting the Winners]
Winners will be decided from the amount of likes obtained on Facebook and through a judging process. Winning works will also be introduced on Facebook to TOM’s 14.5 million fans!

■ Reading Steiner Grand Prix
・Prize: $500
・An original print T-shirt will be created and sold
・Work will be used as cover photo on the TOM Facebook page

■ Like & SUKI! Award
・Prize: $300
・An original print T-shirt will be created and sold

・Prize: $300
・An original print T-shirt will be created and sold

■ Cosplay Award
・Prize $200

■ Extreme Award
・Prize $100

[Submission Period]
4/30/2014 - 5/31/2014

[Participation Requirements]
Must be a registered member of [Tokyo Otaku Mode]( http://otakumode.com/ ).
^*^ This is different from the TOM Facebook page.

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Part of how submissions are judged is based on user reactions, so if you see a work that you enjoy, like and SUKI! it to show your support!

・Submissions must be original works.
・Those guilty of plagiarism will be taken out of the contest and may have their Tokyo Otaku Mode account banned.
・Works that violate the posting guidelines will be removed from the contest at TOM’s discretion without prior notification.
・Submitted works may also be posted to TOM’s Facebook page or on a third party site. By entering the contest, you are consenting to this.
・Copyrights related to the original design of *STEINS;GATE* belong to MAGES.
・Copyrights or other intellectual property rights related to works submitted transfer to TOM at the time of submission.
・TOM reserved the right to make appropriate changes or revisions to submitted works as needed.
・In the case that a submitted work infringes upon or is in violation of the rights of a third party, it is the submitter’s responsibility to take appropriate actions. If by chance a problem arises with a third party, it will be the submitter’s responsibility to adequately rectify the situation.
・If through the actions or fault of a submitter TOM suffers damages of any kind, reparations or other legal action may be necessary.

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