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Creator Interview
*Name: Kasane (かさね)
*Cosplay Experience: 7 years
*Creator's Mypage:


Q1: Why did you begin cosplaying?
A1: When I was a student, I was given an outfit by one of my senior classmates and told to wear it at an event. It was my first time experiencing a cosplay event and seeing cosplay. When I went to the event, I saw many people dressed up as characters from manga and games that I knew, and it was really interesting. From there on, I tried going to other events and making outfits of characters that I liked, and the rest is history.

Q2: What are some of your favorite anime, manga, and games?
A2: For anime, I like Evangelion and Bakemonogatari. For games, I like the Resident Evil series, Lollipop Chainsaw, the Fatal Frame series, Alice: Madness Returns, Silent Hill, and Assassin’s Creed. I especially like horror games involving things like zombies and ghosts! There are so many games I like, I can’t list them all! ><;For doujin games, I like Fate, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Touhou Project, and others.
For manga, I like things like Black Lagoon and Blade of the Immortal. However, I prefer American comics; I especially love Batman.

Q3: How do you choose who to cosplay as?
A3: I wouldn’t really say I choose which character to cosplay as. I watch anime and play games, and if there is a character that I end up really liking, I will cosplay as that character. Cosplay is an activity for me as a fan to show appreciation for works I enjoy. ★

Q4: Which cosplay seems to be a fan favorite?
A4: I would say Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. This cosplay is from quite a while ago. However, even to this day, I still receive positive messages about this cosplay from people all over the world. This is a work that I have always loved, so it makes me very happy to know that others love it too.

Q5: Which characters that you have cosplayed as are the most similar to you in real life?
A5: There aren’t really any characters that are similar to me, but I have been told that my recent cosplay of Ada Wong from Resident Evil suits me well. I think it’s because we both have similar facial features.

Q6: Which characters were the most out of your comfort zone to cosplay as?
A6: Clair from Umineko no Naku Koro ni due to the many frills in the doll-like dress and our personalities being different. She is fragile and quiet, which is the exact opposite of me, so it was difficult to capture the right mood. (ha,ha)

Q7: Tell us about your most flashy work?
A7: The royal suit version of Alice from the game Alice: Madness Returns due to the blade and the many gold buttons. Capturing the sense of high class was difficult.

Q8: Which cosplay did you fuss over the most?
A8: Bayonetta. I hand sewed each chain one by one and made all of the accessories by hand, including the chest timepiece and earrings.

Q9: Which character do you think you recreated the best?
A9: Up until now, out of all of the characters I have cosplayed, there isn’t a particular one that I recreated well enough. I want to keep working hard to increase my techniques and myself so that I can recreate them even better.

Q10: Which character cosplay are you the most obsessed with?
A10: The character Ruby from the game The Path. The concept of the game is simple and involves Little Red Riding Hood traveling to her grandmother’s house on an errand. However, its a really interesting work in that it stirs up your imagination. This is a cosplay of one of the Little Red Riding Hood girls from the game.

Q11: Tell us about your latest work.
A11: My latest work is Lollipop Chainsaw. I tried really hard to get this cosplay really close to the game. For example, making sure the bottom of the wig on each twintail was curled up. I made everything on the costume myself, including the logo on the top and the kneehigh socks, which I drew with a stencil. I also tried as hard as I could on the chainsaw and her boyfriend’s head. I also incorporated a lot of patterns in the outfit. Please take a look at it. ♪

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