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16 SUKI!
  • Feets Sandals
  • Quoc Dinh
  • Riz Yap del Puerto
  • Gizella Caicedo
  • Sarah Fuchs
  • Kat Stone
  • mikaeruniisan
  • Bunny Nails
  • Mariana Nair
  • Mari Ubilla Rojas
  • Aya Fdiojfsopgjsdfiopvpdv
  • Imam Punkrock
  • Andy Chou
  • Cristian Lopez Santamaria
  • moriko
  • Tetsuro KOKUMAI

"Hello Kitty to Issho!" is a special Hello Kitty collaboration project
among illustrators and creators who are active in anime, games, and
comics. The collaboration involves each illustrator freely re-imagining a
character from the Hello Kitty loving group, Kitty Gang.

This illustration is of the character Miyabi Sakuya (雅 咲久耶) by CARNELIAN.

Definitely keep an eye out for "Hello Kitty to Issho!"

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