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  • Gabriel Villegas
  • Vinh Nguyen
  • Paula
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  • 陳青璉
  • Crystal Preston Walbert
  • Tomislav Švast
  • Patrick Roper
  • Cristiana Conceição Silva Ramos Rodrigues
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  • Quoc Dinh
  • Gabriel Cuevas
  • Misaki Chan
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  • Lucio Rojas
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  • Jim Hua
  • Aiman Faraz
  • Abel Tuheiava
  • William David Martin Montaño
  • Manu Ludueña
  • Shinigami Sama

"Hello Kitty to Issho!" is a special Hello Kitty collaboration project
among illustrators and creators who are active in anime, games, and
comics. The collaboration involves each illustrator freely re-imagining a
character from the Hello Kitty loving group, Kitty Gang.

This illustration is of the character Rio (リオ) by KEI.

Definitely keep an eye out for "Hello Kitty to Issho!"