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190 SUKI!
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  • Michał Jakubowski
  • Ruben Gonzales
  • John Lim Chuan Han
  • Electro
  • Wilson Ritt Iglesias
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  • Ireneo Elijah Gaudiel
  • Brandon Nieves
  • Syed Asaduddin Ahmed
  • Amir Samtani
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  • Jed Carne
  • Louie Padilla
  • Enrique Axel Castro Martinez
  • Francis Yuzon
  • Charles Thouin
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • Peloy Ventura
  • Josep Franqueza Martí

For the 83rd time in a row, Comic Market, the world's largest event for Otakus has begun.
The first day was greeted with good weather, and not only the Dojinshi store booths, but the cosplay arena was filled with people.
TokyoOtakuMode will be posting the choicest selection of the cosplayers present at the cosplay arena.