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Creator Interview
*Name: Namada (ナマダ)
*Experience: six years
*Creator's Mypage:


Q1: Why did you begin cosplaying?
A1: I started because of a classmate’s invitation.
I hesitated a lot but decided to try it since it was “just once”. After that, it was “just one more time, ok!” ‘till now. I used to like taking pictures of girls, so being able to take pictures of cosplay girls as much as I like appealed to me a lot.

Q2: What are some of your favorite anime or manga?
A2: Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Diebuster, etc. I like anime made by Gainax and Production I.G.

Q3: How do you choose who to cosplay as?
A3: I don’t have any particular obsession, but I guess you can say I tend to choose characters that I like.

Q4: Which cosplay seems to be a fan favorite?
A4: Arisugawa Shii, a character and popular figure by Shunya Yamashita. I did this cosplay at Wonder Festival and it was very popular, even by overseas fans. People compared pictures of my cosplay and the actual figure and sent message to me in so many different languages from all over the world... I don’t even know how it became so popular. Sailor uniform, glasses, and a weapon (katana) make for good combination I guess?

Q5: Which characters that you have cosplayed as are the most similar to you in real life?
A5: Akiba Maho, the mascot for the Akihabara blog, Rather than looking like her, I think I share a similar charisma.

Q6: Which characters were the most out of your comfort zone to cosplay as?
A6: Kaname Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I am not good at cosplaying as young characters so it was rather out of my comfort zone. I had never worn such a pink and frilly costume before.

Q7: Tell us about your most flashy work?
A7: Lilith from Darkstalkers 3. The colors were loud and the costume was quite risque. I definitely cannot wear that outside. (laughs)

Q8: Which character did you recreate the best?
A8: Nono from Diebuster. I like her a lot, so I payed close attention to the details of her costume when I was making it. Nono’s proportions are similar to the average person, so she is easy to cosplay as well.

Q9: Do you cosplay as original characters?
A9: Actually, I have been focusing on original characters recently. For example, my Torzburg and Burlesque series. I plan to do a series on fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood next.

Q10: Tell us about your latest work.
A10: The magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mope Girl, an original character.

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