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A new PS Vita game for the popular series Fate/Stay Night, titled “Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua]”, will be released on November 29th. The single for the game’s theme song, “Arcadia”, which was created by the band earthmind, will go on sale on December 5th. The jacket for the CD will feature original illustrations by the Type-Moon series artist, Takashi Takeuchi.

The single will be released in three versions: Type A will include the main theme “Arcadia” as well as art of Saber and Emiya Shirou, Type B will include the song “Horizon” as well as art of Rin Toosaka and Archer, and Type C will include the song “Another Heaven” as well as art of Sakura Matou and Rider. They all look really cool! If you are a fan of the series, why not get all three?

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