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Creator Introduction

◆Name: pomodorosa

◆Experience:Active through the web for around 3 years

◆Genre: Original illustrations

◆Why/When did you start drawing?: When I was a kid, I used to draw my own picture books and copy characters from children's video games.

◆Workflow: I only do digital drawings now. I use tablets and drawing software to create my works.

◆Creator's Mypage:


Q1: Which work did you fuss over the most?
In this piece, titled "The Rain That Just Won't Stop," I wanted to base it on the rainy season, but it was difficult to come up with an inspiring memory that matched the motif I wanted to use. Even though it wasn't hard to draw, I spent a lot of time pondering over the rough draft.

Q2:Which work was the most well received?
This piece, titled "The Knight and the Flower Girl."

Q3: Which work was the most time consuming?
This piece, titled "11 Miles to Dawn." I took a lot of time with this because it was my first submission to a published compilation.

Q4: Which work is your favorite?
This piece, titled "Summer in Eastern Europe." I don't know if I'd call it my favorite, but it's one I really like lately.

Q5: In which work did you fuss over the background the most?
I did this work as a cover illustration for Hayakawa Shobo's publication of the book "Weird Buildings: Mikikan University Weird Buildings Research Society" by Aoyagi Aito. Because it was for commercial purposes and was themed around buildings, a lot of effort had to go into it. Even though it wasn't a complicated drawing, I paid a lot of attention to the connection between the silhouettes of the characters and the sky.

Q6: Which work are you proudest of?
This piece, titled "The Power of Lemon" won the grand prize in the "Santory C.C. Lemon Personification Illustration Contest."
It was a work that earned me a huge award.

Q7: Which is your simplest work?
This piece, titled "Miss Viola." It's hard to say what is really simple, but this one is really straightforward.

Q8: What is one of your latest works?
This piece, titled "Miss Clarinet."
Q9: Which work exemplifies your style?
This piece, titled "Suburban Road in the Beginning of Autumn." It doesn't really employ any particular technique but uses a very basic combination of rough lines and vibrant watercolors.


◆What's your favorite color combination?
On the whole, I work around purple. In the process of creating the work, I go between red and blue. This makes it easy to adjust the brightness of my picture to create different lines, shadows, ground, etc. It's a little like the color of the iPS cells. In terms of pure hues, I like orange and blue. Even though I really want to work with black and white, they are difficult to use.

◆What do you like to draw most - girls, boys, or animals?
I like to draw girls. Or rather, I like drawing the contours of girls.
I also like the juxtaposition among the silhouettes of people, sky, clouds, and buildings.

◆How do you practice drawing?
I draw from memory.

◆What tools do you use?
 I use Painter, ArtRage, and Photoshop.

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