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35 SUKI!
  • Donald Drummond
  • Alex Payá Corella
  • Muhammad 'Seele' Azza
  • Zyruel
  • Rodrigo Adan
  • ProjectEucliwood
  • Johann Morales
  • Run Camouflage
  • Damian Jakubowski
  • Stephan Wonczak
  • Mark Ortiz
  • Otávio Luiz
  • Andythe Nordiclovegod
  • Samael Oculatus
  • Pintér Roland
  • Mihai Dobromir
  • MeLissa Bennett
  • Erika Roth
  • Tony Nguyen
  • Cristian Felipe Villaseca Tapia
  • David Tapia
  • Marrku
  • Kang Choled
  • Daniel Chavez

International Cosplay Day is a global event, first organized by American cosplayers Benn Fried and Jennifer Alice. International Cosplay Day Singapore is a cosplay and pop-culture celebration held in conjunction with the global International Cosplay Day (ICD) and Singapore’s 2nd Annual Cosplay Chess show in Singapore.The event seeks to promote awareness, cultural exchange, friendship and solidarity through cosplay around the world.

Famous cosplayers Yaya Han and Jerry Polance will grace the event which takes place on the 26th of August. Other event highlights include the Cosplay Catwalk, the Cosplay Photography Competition and the Cosplay Competition. For more details check out

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