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16 SUKI!
  • Daniela Arroyo
  • Rhea Chan
  • Meaghin Bencaz
  • JW Connelly
  • Kirsten Tolley
  • Sarah Burey
  • Risa Otsuka
  • Wayvern Lee
  • Najmi Hanafi
  • Aiman Faraz
  • Tommy Wysocki
  • magicpug
  • Aisyah Aulia Rifianti
  • Jillian Smith
  • Nabilo Kabylo
  • Sakura657

Asian Cosplay Meet Championship took place on 7th and 8th of July 2012 at Downtown East Singapore. With the best cosplayers from six different asian countries competing against one another, the atmosphere was high, high, high! On judging panel this year were Takahan Tan, producer of Cosfest, Inui Tatsumi from Cure and Xu Xian from Chinajoy. The event attracted not only local fans, but also fans of the star cosplayers from countries including Malaysia, Thailand and China. In the end, Team Thailand took home the 2012 Asia Cosplay Meet Champion! TOM will show you unique behind-the-scenes pictures of the event, tons of lovely pictures of Asia's best cosplayers!

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