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22 SUKI!
  • Siow Xin Yi
  • Steelangel Mckinzy
  • Postrach Envy
  • Elsa Hasmary Perez Heredia
  • Adri Carrillø
  • Sei Kurosaki
  • Eric Gauthier
  • Pablo De Leon
  • Gilbe
  • Michael John Mendoza
  • Josep Franqueza MartĂ­
  • Axel Levitte
  • Gabriel Soga
  • Lale Cakar
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Richard Mak
  • Quint Wai
  • Paulo Roberto Pereira Junior
  • Phachara Ditsara Overview Page
  • Dina Kharag
  • Aiman Faraz

We,TOM, went to an OTAKU event called "MOE CULTURE FESTIVAL 2012".

The festival executive committee is Yu Mizushima who is a famous voice actor.

This is a participation type event and this was the first time to hold this event.

There are anime song concerts, cosplay, discussion and display some "itasha(anime car)" and "its-snowboard(anime snowboard)" for tow days.

The event is really rough like "school festival".
It seemed like the participants was enjoying with relax atmosphere which is very different from huge event.

Please enjoy some pix from the festival.

By the way, TOM found the uniquest thing in the event. It was called "Anime summit by foreigners".
The all four casts were from other countries than Japan such as USA and Germany.

They answered some questions like "what was the first Japanese anime for you?".

Their answers for that question were Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Tomorrow's Joe and AKIRA.

How about yours? What was the first Japanese Anime for you?

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