Lonely Clown

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Lonely Clown

About Junkfoodoll
There is a puppeteer who has the ability to control puppets (dolls) made of junk by eating junk food…
And every four years, there is a tournament where the people with this strange ability fight each other’s puppets!

Adolfo is a former leader of a circus troupe who was discarded due to the business being unprofitable. He is a veteran who originally played with puppets for the sake of the show. In order to win the money prize and to be able to restart circus performances, he participated in the tournament with Harley Quinn, a doll who has knives shaped as pizza cutters all over her body using pizza as his source of energy. He also excels at gastriloquy, and he surprises his audience by voicing Harley Quinn. He doesn’t neglect practising, he uses wooden plates as an audience.

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