Love Stethoscope

33 SUKI!
  • Yoshy Paz
  • Nathan Compton TechnoForever
  • Qato Miaumel Jimenez
  • Viktor Darvas
  • Viktor Szeles
  • Mane Rose
  • Marcus Mizuno
  • Firox Lezama
  • Cristian Rdz
  • Kumikitil
  • Anthony Hampton
  • Leo Kennedy
  • Joakim

Love Stethoscope

“Will you let me listen to your heartbeat too…?”

My heart races when I meet you, but is it just me?
What about you? Let me listen!

Participating illustrator: Hecatoncheir
Hecatoncheir’s theme was “onomatopoeia” so we combined a nurse, stethoscope, and the sound of a heart racing.

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