Illustrator - Japan
I draw in a relaxed way with “drawing the things I like as much as I like” as my motto.




    At first, it was a chonmage, but the balance was bad so I gave up on it.
    I payed just a little attention to the floral card in the background.

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  • Rabbit

    Around the bunny, I tried to squeeze in things that a rabbit would likely eat.
    Personally, I'm very satisfied, because I managed to draw the cabbage very well.
    I simply like jagged boundary lines, so I use them a lot.

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  • Otter

    The otters at the aquarium were so cute I had to draw them in momentum.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

From 2012, I developed an interest in digital illustration, and at the same time, I started genuinely drawing pictures. In 2013, I started using Illustrator.

Although I am still in a state of groping around while drawing by self-studying, I take a relaxed approach and use “drawing the things I like as much as I like” as my motto.
I’d be happy if you liked my pictures.

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    What are your fixations?

    I pay attention not to use too many colors, and I am just a little bit conscious about keeping it as simple as possible.

    When do you come up with ideas for your work?

    They pop in before going to sleep or when I'm taking a bath, and also sometimes I end up making a sketch when doing scribbles. When nothing comes to mind, I watch a movie or do something unrelated to pictures. Taking breaks is important!