Japanese-style Loli Original

52 SUKI!
  • Elvis Vasquez
  • joeperez
  • Princesse-dokidoki
  • Yuyu
  • teddishepherd
  • PrinPip Kanyamas
  • Usaco Hashimoto
  • Vincent Duran
  • Mikoto Kurage
  • rin_chan
  • Jhonatan Luiz Campos
  • Rofiqoh Al Badiah
  • Jonathan Sosa

Japanese-style Loli Original

Sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time.

It thought it would be good if I posted this one, so I do hope you enjoy it.

The illustration this time is a design that I will henceforth try to make into a keychain completely for my own self-satisfaction.

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