Magic Junk Robo Series

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Magic Junk Robo Series

Left: Magic Junk Robo Communication Device

This is a robot made by an apprentice magician using junk scraps, firefly stars and sand from the galaxy.

This magical device can be mounted for a type of mental communication that the magician describes as telepathic.

Right: Magic Junk Robo Planetary Exploration

Robo has been sent on an errand.

“I have a request! This project might not get done in time. Could you visit this planet and collect some magic minerals for me? You’re always with me, so you know what I mean, right?”

“O F C O U R S E☆”

W E L L T H E N, W H A T F U N T H I N G S C A N W E G E T U P T O ? (*゚∀゚)

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