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Final Week 8 Moviegoer Bonus!
News has been released on the Week 8 moviegoer bonus being distributed at theaters in Japan from Saturday, April 8.

Week 8 Bonus: Official spoiler book Complete Behind-the-Scenes Movie Records
・Introduces scenes from the movie along with story foreshadowing and hidden production art discussed by each staff member! Members include Tomohiko Ito (director, screenwriter), Shingo Adachi (animation character design, chief animation director), Reki Kawahara (original author, screenwriter), abec (original character design), Nobuhiro Osawa (animation producer), Shinichiro Kashida (animation producer), and Kazuma Miki (original editor, animation producer).
・Features illustrations by original character designer abec never before seen anywhere!
・Detailed outfit data released by Shingo Adachi!
・Exhaustive production data and explanations on all boss monsters including the last boss by author Reki Kawahara!
*Only one bonus present per moviegoer.
*Bonuses are limited and are only available while supplies last.

The SAO light novels have also broken through 20 million copies sold worldwide! It’s popularity continues to increase worldwide!

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