Illustrator - Japan
I’m currently active as an illustrator. I’d like to widen my range of work, and I dream of being able to also work overseas.



  • A Fantasy Garden

    There is one baby bird. ´◡`
    Try to look for it!

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  • Hana's Banquet

    I like the Japanese style but it's troublesome to draw ´◡` 
    The girl on the left is Hana, our poster girl.

    Even though she's carrying a sword, I had intended for her to be a fashion designer at first.

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  • another

    I was thankful to have the opportunity to draw this CD jacket art for the Doujin music circle, G protein-coupled receptor.

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  • Blessed White Flowers

    White flowers danced over the battlefield.

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  • Pink Flowers

    Impertinent feelings.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I’m currently active as an illustrator.
When I draw backgrounds I think about places I’d like to walk through.
I draw while calling to mind a space that will, if only a little, heal those who see it.
I’d like to widen my range of work, and I dream of being able to also work overseas.


  • Creator Nameshigure
  • GenreIllustrations
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Blood typeA
  • Zodiac signTaurus
  • Years ActiveSeven
  • Active RegionJapan


    - 2009 Shinyusha
    [SAI de Sugu Dekiru! Super Paint Technique 2]
    - 2009 BNN
    100 Masters of Bishojo Painting
    - 2010 Core Magazine
    Pixiv Girls Collection 2010
    - 2011 Asukashinsha
    SS(Small SS)March 2011 Edition
    How to Draw Backgrounds Interview
    - 2011 Oekaki IRADUKAI
    Making of Illustrations
    - 2011 Quarterly Pixiv Vol.07
    Free Theme Division Banner Illustration
    - 2011 GOT
    Canopri Comic November Edition Color Four-Page Manga
    - 2011~ Mediaincruise
    Game characters
    - 2012 GOT
    Canopri Comic June Edition Color Eight-Page Manga
    - 2012 M-On! Entertainment
    ClariS Official Book Collection Illustration Pinup
    - 2012/11 ~ Vein Carry Japan
    Soukoku No Regalia Characters

    Creator Interview

    What made you get into drawing?

    I can remember always doodling since around kindergarten. I think I full-out began when I started to draw using a PC. A few years back I began to draw a lot of comforting themes, like beautiful girls and soothing scenery.

    About how long does it take you to complete a work?

    If it’s just a character, and I’m focused, it takes about 5 to 6 hours.
    If I am also drawing a background, it may take 10 days to two weeks.

    How do you come up with ideas for your work?

    I’ve used magazines as references many times. When I look at travel magazines, I think about the situation while imaging a character.
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