Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Multi Mission Mode Trailer


Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps heralds the arrival of a new game mode - Multi Mission Mode! Multi Mission Mode is a mode in which a maximum of 6 players battle against each other. Each match features 5 rounds, and the game mode of each round is chosen at random, with the first team to reach 3 wins being the victors. There are 8 different game modes available. You'll need to be flexible enough to change your strategy depending on the game mode of each round.

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Umbrella Corps
Platforms: PlayStation®4 / PC
Price: $29.99
Genre: Competitive Shooter
Players: 1-6
Rating: ESRB M (Ages 17+)
Note: In order to download this game and enjoy online battles, you will need an internet connection as well as a subscription to the online service for the respective hardware maker.


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