Shinjuku Dungeon

17 SUKI!
  • Wilma
  • Theophile
  • Frederick
  • Takayuki
  • Lydia
  • Nina
  • Mark
  • Mafer
  • Chiru
  • Danii
  • Harumi
  • Hakase
  • Jeremy

Shinjuku Dungeon

These are "Shinjuku Dungeon" characters and Items made using Perler Beads.

Shinjuku Dungeon
The game is set in Shinjuku station in Tokyo
which is called a Dungeon of Japan,
It is action RPG of the retro style.
Special Thanks!:UeharaLabo ( )

I make anime and game characters using Perler Beads.
I have many more works on my site, so please take a look!
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