We’re Coming to Anime Expo 2019!

Tokyo Otaku Mode will have a booth at this year’s Anime Expo. At the booth we’ll have figures on display in collaboration with Tokyo Figure along with the latest TOM Projects products, and we’ve got plenty in store for Premium members!
We’re also planning to have an industry panel with a giveaway where we’ll be delving deep into the topic of figure production!

For TOM Premium members, we have a little something special as well. Don’t miss it!

July 4 - 7, 2019
(plus, Pre-Show Night July 3)
Los Angeles Convention Center
#4401 MAP

Tokyo Figure Collaborative Figure Display

In collaboration with figure shop Tokyo Figure, we’ll have countless high quality figures on display.
Take lots of pictures and share your favorites!

TOM Projects Product Display

The latest TOM Project products and popular favorites will be on display.
Please enjoy this exhibit of products you can see, wear, touch, and take pictures together with!

TOM Projects creates products loved by all fans!

At our booth we’ll have a board where everyone can freely write their product ideas. Who knows, maybe your idea will be made into a product!

TOM Premium Station @Anime Expo

TOM Premium members can check in when visiting the booth at the TOM Premium Station and receive freebies in exchange!
Every TOM Premium member will also get to draw a lottery for a chance to win a figure or plushie prize!

  • Premium members can only check in once
  • Prizes cannot be traded
  • Prizes can be held at the booth for up to 24 hours.
    If not picked up within 24 hours, prizes will be forfeited.

There’s more!
The following three partner projects will also be introduced at our booth!

Tokyo Chronos
Tokyo Chronos

“The next adventure game is beyond the screen.” This popular project was crowdfunded by over 1,662 people in and outside of Japan receiving over 18 million yen. The mystery adventure game has a wonderful cast and staff. It’s long-awaited released was on March 20 for Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and Steam. What’s more, is it’s planned to release for PSVR on August 22!

Spice and Wolf VR

In full collaboration with the original production committee, the VR animation of Spice and Wolf is finally available to demo at Anime Expo! This over 70 million yen worldwide funded project has garnered copious amounts of attention. With Holo standing in front of you, you can reach out your hand or even, if you are so inclined, go around her and bury your face in her fluffy tail. It is planned to release on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and Steam!


The world's best-loved Ninja has come back with a new type of manga e-reader, believe it! NARUTO eOneBook is a book-like digital reader containing all 72 volumes of Naruto and 1 volume of Naruto Gaiden Spinoff.
Since its release in Japan last year, it has been highly acclaimed for its high-resolution display and the immersive reading experience it offers. You can try the English version of NARUTO eOneBook!

Industry Panel Introduction

Tokyo Otaku Mode x Tokyo Figure x Stronger
Date & Time
July 5, 10:00 - 11:00 am

The topic of figure production will be discussed by members of Tokyo Figure, Stronger, and Tokyo Otaku Mode, the three companies behind the recent Kizuna AI figure.

We’re also planning a figure giveaway limited to those who attend!

  • The subject of the Industry Panel may change without prior notice.
    We appreciate your understanding. For the latest information, please check Tokyo Otaku Mode’s official Twitter and Facebook.