Cosplayer - Japan
7 years have flied since my start of Cosplay, with my love for 2D content such as Anime/Manga and taking photos! I lkie takging a picture than taken by others. I prefere Moe characters to Iromono character (Iromono means "Characteristic") I've devoted myself to my hand made cosplay recently.


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  • / Akiba Maho

    Akiba Maho is a character in the 4koma manga ublished on the otaku news site,
    Her figure was sold at Wonder Festival and promoted with the manga.
    I had to find the most titillating school swimsuit to appeal to the hearts of anime fans.

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  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Kaname Madoka

    It was a full-character cosplay. In order to recreate the character's charisma, I had to change my makeup. The makeup I had on gave Madoka a more "lolita" air.

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  • Vampire Savior / Lilith

    Although it's not shown in this picture, I faithfully followed the original character design and didn't wear anything below, but took care to make sure it didn't become unpleasant.

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  • Diebuster / Nono (Waitress ver.)

    I put a great deal of effort into presenting the fitness of the body, the roundness of the ribbon, and the unique contours. Even though the character is tall and slender, I softened my makeup to give the character a "popyayan" feel.

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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion / Ayanami Rei (Plugsuit ver.)

    The suit I bought fit my body well, and I matched my makeup with the costume.

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About Me


Cosplayer / Japan

Debuted as a cosplayer in 2006.
Actively participates in otaku-related events such as Comic Market, Wonder Festival, and Tokyo Game Show. Her work, published on various sites and photography blogs, has become a hot topic online and gained her much popularity as a cosplayer both in Japan and overseas.
Though unrelated to cosplay, Namada is also the author of the popular dessert-tasting and travelling blog “METBO GEAR". Thus, the multi-talented cosplayer is active also as a sweets blogger and model. By the way, Namada's main job is psychiatric nursing.


  • NameNamada
  • GenreCosplayer
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1986/03/02
  • Height168cm
  • Bloody TypeB
  • HoroscopePisces
  • Years Active7
  • RegionEast Japan (Kantou)


    - Promotional model for Kotobukiya,, Ryunryun Tei and various bishoujo game makers at multiple events such as Comic Market and Wonder Festival.
    - Official fashion model for the online game *Pangya*.
    - Official cosplayer for the PSP game *Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward*.
    - Gravure model for cosplay magazines such as Layers and CosBon.
    - Model for multiple cosplay costume companies.
    - Released image DVD titled *Namada Ishou Henka Kitan Tansaibou Seven no Koi*
    - Collaboration with photographer Seiichi Uozumi in the photobook “UOZUMI VS NAMADA".
    - Appeared in photographer Yuki Aoyama's works “Schoolgirl Complex - Houkago - SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX2" and “Zettai Ryouiki".
    - Swimmer Dai in the Captain Mirai PV for the song “Kaleidoscope Swimming". (


    Hiroshi Kakizaki x Namada 1st Photobook Colloid Portrait / Photography Book

    Yuki x Namada Cosplay Photobook

    SENZA IMPUREZZA / Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay Photobook
    Published December 2012 A5 size 46 pages

    Dracula Castle / Original
    Published October 2012 A6 size(postcard size) 36 pages

    Burlesque vol.2 / Original
    Published September 2012 A5 size 20 pages

    「Burlesque vol.1」 / Original
    Published September 2012 A5.size 20 pages


    About Cosplay

    In the past, I used to cosplay as characters from a wide range of genres including shounen manga, games, and bishoujo figures. Lately, however, I have been focusing more on original characters themed on schoolgirls, fetishes, and fairy tales.

    About Costume and Prop Making

    Generally, I make the weapons and small props by myself, but my mother, who is an extremely skilled tailor, makes my costumes. She says things like, “I cannot tolerate my daughter wearing things that don't fit her body well," and continues making high-quality costumes for me.