One Piece Red-haired Shanks's straw hat Melon Pan

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This is Shanks's straw hat.
Therefore, there is no cracks given by Buggy.

*Recipe* for 10 pieces
Make the cookie dough.
1.Mix lightly 280g cake flour,100g brown sugar (Sanonto),1/2tsp salt in a food processor.
2.Put in 40g salt-free butter cut more smallish, and mix until it becomes smooth.
3.Also put in and mix 2 eggs and a little vanilla essence.
4.Wrap with plastic wrap in a bundle, and place to rest it in the refrigerator.

Make the bread dough.
5.Put in and kneaded 140g bread flour, 5g honey, 2g (1/2tsp) dry yeast, and 95g (95 ml)milk in a food processor.
6.After kneading lightly, also put in and knead 7g salt-free butter which cut small.
7.After having been kneaded to the good bundle, put it into the bowl which painted vegetable oil lightly. Let rise by primary fermentation about 40 minutes at 35 ℃. (Take care so that it may not be made to dry. )
8.Make the chilled dough(4) into 10 equal parts. Insert into wraps, lengthen round, and keep it cool in the refrigerator.
9.Lengthen with a rolling pin the bread dough(7) which primary fermentation finished to degas .
10.Make it into 10 equal parts, and round.
11.Turn down the seam. Put a tightly wrung cloth, and make it to rest for 15 minutes.
12.Reround lightly (11), and place on the oven paper.
13.Cover with (8) on (12), and extract by a round mold.
14.Put the pattern of straw hat with a knife.
15. Let rise by secondary fermentation about 30 minutes at 40 ℃.
16.Bake for 12 minutes in the oven preheated at 190 ℃.

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