ONE PIECE Tony Tony Chopper Halloween Bento CharaBen ハロウィン チョッパー弁当

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My name is Tony Tony Chopper ! It is a name that the greatest doctor in the world gave!
* Recipe *
Make a thin omelette with a microwave oven.
・Melt 1 teaspoon of potato starch with 1 tablespoon of water.
Add 1 tsp potato starch that was dissolved in water to 1 beaten egg.
Stretch a wrap tightly to a plate and extend beaten egg on it.
 Lessen slightly the amount of eggs in order to avoid overflow from the dish during
Heat it about 1 minute with a microwave oven, and heat it, looking at a situation after
・Mix soy sauce with warm boiled rice, and make the portion of a face.
・Use boiled fish paste, dried seaweed, cheese, and sakura demb makes the part of
a face or others.
・Make the horn of Chopper with Vienna sausages.
Place it in a microwave oven, looking at the situation until a cut portion spreads.
Fix it the dried noodles of spaghetti .

・溶き卵1個に水溶き片栗粉(片栗粉 小さじ1を大さじ1杯の水で溶く)を
 小さじ1 加える。


・かまぼこや海苔、チーズ、桜でんぷ などを使って


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