Bread Pokéball without Pokémon .Btw This is a Pokéball, not Unown , not Hitotsume-Titan !

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Chespin , Fennekin , Froakie , Pancham・・・Where are you?
Btw This is a Pokéball, not Unown , not Hitotsume-Titan !(๑'ᴗ'๑)b♡

* Recipe *
Knead bread dough .
1.Mix roughly 95g bread flour , 2g dry yeast , and 5g skim milk .

2.Put in teaspoons 1/4 (1g) salt. Add 10g sugar into the place away from salt.

3.Pour 65g water on sugar , and knead.

4.After you make it one unit, put 10g unsalted butter that was returned to room temperature, and knead further.

5.After kneading up smoothly, divide into a half , and color one by a red edible food color.

6.Round it and turn down the seam . Put into the bowl which coated with vegetable oil lightly. Wrap it , and carry out primary fermentation for 50 minutes at a warm place.

Make cookie dough.
7.Put 20g sugar in 15g unsalted butter that was returned to room temperature, and mix until it is whitish.

8.Add 10g egg in 2 steps , and mix.

9.Put in teaspoons 1/2 (3g) milk and mix.

10.Sift 40g cake flour and teaspoon 2(5g) black cocoa powder , and put in.

11.Mix it lightly.Make it a bundle. Wrap and make it rest in a refrigerator .

12.Prepare the bread dough (6) which finished primary fermentation.
White Dough:
Make two chunks of 5g. Make the remainder two division into equal parts.
Red Dough:
Make it two division into equal parts.
Round it carrying out degassing.
Take 15 minutes bench time over a wet washcloth that you squeezed firmly.

13.Combine white dough and red .

14.Stretch (11) to a thickness of 5 mm , and cut into 5 mm wide.

15.Put (14) on 13.

16.Add (15) to the mold lightly-oiled. Carry out secondary fermentation at a warm place for 30 minutes.
Don't open the lid of the mold .

17.Bake for 22 minutes in the oven preheated at 170 ℃.

18.After baking up , take out such as on a soft cloth etc.

19.ITADAKIMASU!(Eat with thanks.)

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