121 SUKI!
  • Paula
  • Princesse-dokidoki
  • Thuong Nguyen Tien
  • Yuyu
  • 桐ヶ 谷 和人
  • Alice WeiWei
  • Alexey  Kobzar
  • Kirigaya Kazuto
  • William Lara
  • José Díaz
  • Mouhamed Kristou
  • Mouhamed Kristou
  • Zellox


I had the pleasure of drawing the unit Azalee from the iOS app “Melpharia March” ( http://melphariamarch.com/ ) which is available now on the App Store. “Melpharia March” is the first spin-off work for “Fantasy Earth Zero” ( http://www.fezero.jp/ ). In addition to illustrations for units similar to Azalee, I also drew a kind of NPC illustration, so by all means, please play the game and see them. :)

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