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  • Caliburn

    This was my second time making this costume. I'm really happy to remake it again to match my Caliburn that was made by GS Props. My favorite part of this costume besides my sword is the embroidery I did with my sewing machine on the skirt hem. It took several days to do but I wanted to add something special to this costume.

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  • Drinking Tea

    I'm really happy to know so many people have seen and enjoyed this cosplay photo. Many people found out about my cosplay because of it. I really never expected to have such a reaction. Most of this photoshoot was unusable because I kept laughing with my friends!

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  • Ayanami Rei

    This photo is special to me since it was shot in Penang, Malaysia when I went to my first international convention. It was so hot outside, but the photographer Razrig managed to capture so many peaceful looking shots!

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  • Saber Alter

    I have a lot of fun cosplaying Saber Alter because she's different from the kuudere characters I often cosplay. She's the uninhibited side of Saber.

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  • Ririchiyo

    I'm obsessed with Inu x Boku SS and really love the characters, especially Ririchiyo. Even though I am pretty different looking from her, I have fun cosplaying her since it's a challenge to change my look. It took me a while to get the confidence to cosplay her though.

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Cosplayer / United States

"Maridah is a cosplayer who has enjoyed making and wearing cosplay to events for more than 12 years. In addition to cosplay, she is an avid anime figure, Dollfie Dream and BJD collector. Her cosplay has appeared in a number of print publications worldwide, as well as on TV and online. Best known for her cosplay of Saber from Fate/Stay night, her cosplay has been featured on a number of blogs and websites.
Her full time job is in social media and marketing."


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    About My Cosplay

    I started cosplaying in highschool after seeing anime airing on TV in the US. I had training making costumes for theater, so I applied what I knew from school to cosplay. I really like to sew, so I've made most of my cosplay over the years. Recently, I've started to wear more pre-made costumes when I find ones of good quality. It gives me more time to focus on bigger cosplay projects.
    I often cosplay characters that are kuudere. They fit me best. My favorite characters to cosplay are serious types, tomboys, and occasionally ojousama types. I don't often cosplay sexy characters because I'm not naturally good at it.
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