Rory Mercury: Can I have your life? :)

37 SUKI!
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  • Leonardo Marques Do Prado
  • Jaziel Maldonado
  • Marrku
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  • Raul Merlos Pendragon
  • FuruChi
  • Matthew Elliott
  • Harry Ackerman
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Rory Mercury: Can I have your life? :)

Finally, my long-planned cosplay since last year! ロリー·マーキュリー or Rory Mercury in english, is from "And so the JSDF Fought" or "Gate". One of my favorite series from 2015 which will have it's 2nd season this year!

Ended up being so OC about her skirt that I put it off for so long, most people opted for the normal flat skirt, I opted to make the anti-gravity fluffy skirt. XD;

Rory Mercury Costume/Cosplay: kuricurry
Props/Halbed and Photography: RedCurry

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