RIn Tohsaka: [Don't] Betray me, my Archer

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RIn Tohsaka: [Don't] Betray me, my Archer

Rin Tohsaka cosplay from the recent outstanding rendition of Unlimited Blade Works, with the signature red trench coat and the weirdly tied scarf, I did this cosplay of her despite the fact that it's currently summer.

Really funny yet good times. Most of the pieces of the costume was something I pulled out of my closet. Except for the contact lenses which was a gift from a friend. The wig has been long there and the clip-ons I made for my first cosplay of her!

Rin Tohsaka is a really interesting girl to cosplay, she's headstrong but also very fragile. Something I truly enjoy in a heroine.

RIn Tohsaka Cosplay/Costume by: Kuricurry

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