We are...Idols!

64 SUKI!
  • L Sánchez Xavier
  • Nisemono Hikikomori
  • Electro
  • MrsBatteryLow
  • ba7z
  • Juan Luis Guichatureo Almonacid
  • Nicoletta Ferdenzi
  • Peloy Ventura
  • Alonso Arce Zúñiga
  • Masahiko Satou
  • Bibito Tsoi
  • John Angelo Tenorio
  • Cristian Hernan Villafañe

We are...Idols!

Remember that episode in Kyoukai no Kanata wherein they squeezed in so much hilarious drama ? This was probably one of my favorite episodes in an anime I really enjoyed. I am also aware that I changed the color of the ribbons to a darker, pinker shade. that is on purpose.

Mitsuki Nase: Kristine Dinglasan
Mirai Kuriyama: Kuricurry

We both made parts of our costume, and at this point my Mitsuki saved my Mirai by shouldering my vest and ribbon and her own set of costume.

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