Standing Strong: Ren Kougyoku

80 SUKI!
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Standing Strong: Ren Kougyoku

Our country just underwent one of the worse typhoons it has ever encountered in the past few years. And what did I do during that week of the typhoon?

I went to work on the very day it made landfall, I bought cloth for a cosplan and made everything in around 8 hours plus before the shoot because the venue was a 'rare' one and I couldn't pass it up--- Storm or no. My hands were already shaking due to fatigue and I didn't get enough sleep. But, Kougyoku was worth it.

She isn't the strongest character, but I don't regret anything except maybe, we should've finished setting up sooner to at least cach some daylight. I suppose, I exemplify the very meaning of the word 'stubborn' I don't know. But if you're in this hobby a hard head can help get you by.

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