Where, I do not Exist

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Where, I do not Exist

Memories are precious,
Yet they are also fleeting. If I fade away from this world line, would it diverge again and would you remember me? If we met by chance in a busy street, would you recognize my face? Or would it be a world where, I do not exist.
(- kuricurry)

Makise Kurisu's costume is partly one of the most difficult one's I had to make (Due to her shoes which I had to sew) and slightly the easiest for me to wear. We have the same fashion sense, though she wears shorter shorts. After an intense shoot, I had nothing but bits of regrets. Were we able to get a shot that was worth all the effort, only time would tell.


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    More shots please. :) Whenever I reminisce about the series, shivers run down my spine, reminding me of the desperate Okabe trying to save both his childhood friend and the most important to him, only to fail countless times...