「 The life of a NEET 」

70 SUKI!
  • Lucario82
  • Gojira Yamarajsha
  • ward
  • Sebastian Drost
  • Caitlin Kuhn
  • Moreno Villa
  • Raquel Guerra González
  • Stephanie Sorelle Onana Ntsama
  • Evan Harry
  • Jefferson Paltera
  • Adam Miller
  • Yang Apollon

「    The life of a NEET   」

Meet my best buddies, Ms PSVita and Mr DS

They're easy to understand, they follow rules and never will they betray you unless you somehow cause them water damage.

My latest costume project, Shiro from the light novel/manga now anime "No Game No Life"
Thank you for looking!
I appreciate it :)

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