The Black cat is looking for you

449 SUKI!
  • Gerson Koji Saito
  • L Sánchez Xavier
  • Marcus Manders
  • Kasinat Kulwanich
  • Javier Andrew Trujillo Hernández
  • William Caban
  • Hasta Sih Danar
  • Maria Ulloa
  • Adonis Nascimento de Carvalho
  • Elayna Ramsey
  • Amyrah Sophia
  • Sakira Mayu
  • Cristian Castillo

The Black cat is looking for you

Kuroneko as she is known in the otaku community (or black cat), Ruri Gokou in real life looks at you from a weird angle.
This was a simple costume to make, it was based on her summer outfit which was goth inspired. (Though deviating from her heavier lolita clothes)

Kuroneko Costume/Cosplay: KuriCurry

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