Illustrator - Japan
I am a freelance illustrator. Day after day, I devote myself to drawing pictures that would make those who look at them enjoy them and smile. My main subject is black-haired girls in school uniforms.



  • The Recollection

    I drew this picture based on a scene of an afterschool confession that I still remember clearly.

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  • Peacefulness to You

    I drew this picture in the hope that it would deliver a relieving peacefulness and a smile to those who see it. This is a "return to origins" picture to me.

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  • Output Your World

    A picture of the Vocaloids I love. I designed the clothes to be uniform-style, and I resolutely crammed in some sci-fi atmosphere, which I haven't drawn in a while.

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  • Astronaut and Girl

    I had an urge to draw this picture when I was watching the MV for "Uchuuhikoushi e no Tegami" by Bump of Chicken. I drew its world to be reminiscent of the works of Makoto Shinkai, a director I love.

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  • The Emotional World

    Another picture of my beloved Vocaloids. Among all the pictures I've drawn until now, this has received the most support, and it became a work of strong emotional attachment to me. I used up all the power I had at that time both for the background and the characters.

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I am 23 years old, and regardless of the fact that I couldn’t draw at all, I went to a technical school for graphics and aimed to become an illustrator. After having experienced a full-time job at an animation background studio and a part-time job at a game company where I was doing 2D main designs, I became a freelance illustrator.

Day after day, I devote myself to drawing pictures that would make the viewers enjoy them, to feel warmth, and to slip a grin sometimes. Also, my main subject is black-haired girls in school uniforms.

I draw mostly original illustrations, for copyright stuff I often draw Vocaloids.


  • Creator NameKazeno
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapan
  • GenderMale
  • BirthdayApril 30
  • Blood typeA
  • HoroscopeTaurus
  • Years Active3
  • RegionTokyo, Japan


    ■ 2008
    - Animated cartoons ※Background studio: Ryubido (as a regular employee)
    Title: “Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora”
    Title: OAD “Goku: Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (Ep. 1)”

    ■ 2010
    - MOGRA: TokyoCASE web flyer illustration
    - Vocaloid VY1 Special CD character design for otonaclub
    - Illustration for the VY1 cup sold at the Vocaloid store

    ■ 2011
    - MOGRA: TokyoCASE web flyer illustration
    - Appearance at a Vocaloid Cafe event
    “Vocaloid Festa Agency ~Tanoshii Event Sanka Kouza da yo!”
    - Inner jacket illustration for VY2, a Vocaloid developed by Yamaha
    - Poster, jacket, and PV illustrations for Yuuhei Satellite
    - 2 illustrations for the PV of the album “Exit Tunes Presents the Best of Dios / Single P”
    - 3 character designs for application “KTG Collection”

    ■ 2012
    - Numerous game-related illustrations

    ■ 2013
    - Costume design for the song “”Sandlion" in (Sega/3DS) Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2


    How did you get into drawing?

    I drew a lot when I was a child, but then I wanted to pursue music,
    so I completely stopped drawing for a while.
    However, I couldn't throw away my aspirations for the world of pictures,
    and so I started drawing again when I turned 23.

    What are your fixations?

    I drew my pictures with two main themes, that is, pretty Japanese black hair and charming high school girls who are somewhere between girls and women.
    Also, for smaller details I pay attention to express "wind," part of my pen name, in the picture.

    How long does it take to create your work?

    Just the characters take up about 6 hours, and just the background takes 3-6 hours, so I can make one in maybe 10-15 hours. Thinking about the contents probably takes up more time than the drawing itself.

    When do you come up with your ideas?

    When I take a walk around my apartment, look at other people's pictures,
    watch movies or anime, play games, and listen to music, maybe?