[Osomatsu-san] Sextuplet Platter

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[Osomatsu-san] Sextuplet Platter

(This is my first post in quite awhile because my iMac was in for repairs)
This is a platter bento of the Osomatsu-san Sextuplets.
Just like spring, I tried to heap on the mood of gorgeous, bustling cherry blossom viewing.
I’ve known since Osomatsu-san was in its infancy < Monochrome era = the good old days of the Showa era.

This bento is published in the April issue of Animage on sale now.
Many other (Osomatsu-san) bentos are also published that my JK (daughter who’s in high school) takes to school every day.

Please look for it in store~

For more details, check out my blog:

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