Welcome to [Amagi Brilliant Park]!

10 SUKI!
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  • deadpan
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  • Ben Meranda
  • Ernest Doug Corpses
  • Garrett Mortimer
  • Midori Akashi
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Welcome to [Amagi Brilliant Park]!

Welcome to [Amagi Brilliant Park]!
Get ready for the highest quality hospitality.

First up
As an appetizer
is a Moffle.
This is bittersweet, thick fried tofu cooked together.
It’s topped with nozawana and finished in a Japanese style.

For the main dish
I have prepared a “Kanie Saiya Bento” after the curry-bread-loving, good-looking, narcissistic high school student who has a keen mind and excellent reflexes.
The essence of this bento is “fun.”

*Not curry flavored.

For dessert
It's “Macaron and Tiramy”
Though they’re all colossal heapings of carbohydrates,
Hidden in them is a source of power for “Amagi Brilliant Park.”

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